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Reciprocal IVF for Same Sex Couples

Female same sex couples can now choose to use eggs from one partner, inseminated with donor sperm, and have the resultant embryo transferred into the other partner. This partner will carry the baby and give birth.

Why come to Origin?

The benefit of reciprocal IVF is that it allows both partners to be involved from conception. Our staff will explain your treatment in detail and the good news is that at Origin Fertility Care, we have no waiting lists.

Next Steps for Same Sex Couples:

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Reciprocal IVF

If you and your partner have discussed having a child and would like to have a baby together, you will be happy to know that there have been great advances in reproductive technology which have resulted in newer and more creative family formation options. For female same sex couples that want to share in the miracle of pregnancy, Origin Fertility Care offers reciprocal IVF.

Many couples opt for reciprocal IVF as a way to strive for co-parentage and reproductive equality. Reciprocal IVF is much like our standard IVF procedure, but in this case, one female partner’s eggs are retrieved and combined with donor sperm in our state-of-the-art IVF lab to create embryos. The other female partner serves as the gestational carrier, so the embryo is transferred to her uterus in order to gestate and so this process allows both partners to be physically involved in their child’s conception.

The only technical difference between standard in vitro fertilization (IVF) and Reciprocal IVF is the involvement of two women. The medical procedures are nearly identical and our experienced fertility specialists manage the cycle in much the same way as standard IVF. We provide expert guidance at every stage, from initial consultation to choosing a donor sperm bank and synchronized IVF cycles for both partners.

If a couple does plan to embark on a Reciprocal IVF arrangement, they will have to decide who will carry and who will gestate. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but some factors to consider are:

At Origin Fertility Care we are delighted to be the first clinic in Northern Ireland to offer this service.

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Supporting you through your fertility treatment

We understand and appreciate that going through fertility treatment can be a stressful and highly emotional time and as part of our patient care we always offer a complementary counselling service to all patients who would like to avail of this. Using donor sperm has unique implications for you and any children you have as a result of your treatment. Our counsellors will discuss this in full with you. They are also here to offer you support at any stage of your journey with us, regardless of your treatment path.

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