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SpermComet® Male Infertility Test

The SpermComet® test is carried out by Lewis Fertility Testing in Belfast and can measure damaged DNA in individual sperm to help diagnose infertility.

What is the SpermComet® Test?

The SpermComet® test provides unique information that no other test offers. By measuring damaged DNA in individual sperm, it can predict the success of infertility treatments and fast-track couples to the treatment most likely to succeed. For example, if the sperm DNA damage level is high, then the best chance of success might be going straight to ICSI treatment rather than starting with IVF. This significantly reduces waiting times and improves your chances of conception. SpermComet® reveals your Sperm DNA Health.

Video Overview of the test:

How do I arrange a SpermComet® Test?

The SpermComet® Test is carried out in conjunction with Lewis Fertility Testing in Belfast. We can make arrangements on your behalf, so arrange a consultation here. Or you can get in touch with Lewis Fertility Testing on: (0)28 9023 8915 or by visiting www.spermcomet.com

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